Forum Thread: How to Improve The Display Quality of Your Nexus 5

Some people say that the Nexus 5 has a poorly calibrated display, and despite having a 5 inch 1080p Full HD display, I agree with some of them. The 5 inch IPS LCD display in the Nexus 5 provides great viewing angles and brilliant outdoor performance however when we come to color reproduction and saturation the is still much left to be desired. The color saturation is a big improvement from the Nexus 4 but is still slightly behind the Nexus 5's flagship rivals, such as the Galaxy S5 which features a Super AMOLED display. One way to re-calibrate the display of the Nexus 5 to put it on par with the Nexus 5 is to use Franco Kernel.


  • Rooted Nexus 5

Step 1.

Install the full version of Franco Kernel because the free version doesn't have the color control features.

Step 2.

Click the download button to download the latest version of Franco Kernel. After clicking download, you will receive a pop up, in the pop up select the auto flash option.

This will automatically flash the kernel and reboot your device.

Step 2.
Open the Franco Kernel app and swipe from the left and select the color control option.

Step 3.
Select the color utils option.

Step 4.
Click import preloaded profiles to import lots of preloaded color profiles for Franco Kernel servers.

Step 5.
Click load a color profile to select a color profile.

Step 6.
Select your desired color profile. I recommend Bear Perfect or Jetlitheone 2.2 Gamma

Step 7.
Select the set colors on boot option.

Step 8.
Lock your device to turn off the display, then unlock your device and enjoy your perfectly calibrated display.

At first you may not notice a difference however when you look at high resolution images or YouTube videos you will notice the more accurate colors.

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