Forum Thread: How to Get Full-Screen "Immersive Mode" in Any App

Immersive Mode removes the status bar along with the navigation bar. However, immersive mode only operates inside a few apps, most of which are stock apps, e.g. Play Books or YouTube. Using this module you will be able to select which apps can run in immersive mode from a list of all your installed apps.

Removing the status and navigation bars from your Android device creates a more full-screen, or "immersive," experience. And now we can get this full screen mode inside any installed app.


  • Rooted device
  • Xposed Framework Installed

Step 1.
Install "Force Immersive Mode" Xposed module.

Step 2.
Activate the module and reboot your device.

Step 3.
Go to your app drawer and open the first "Force Immersive" icon.

Step 4.
Select the apps you want to run in "immersive mode"

Step 5.
Return to the app draw and click the second "Force Immersive" icon to enable "Force Immersive Mode"

Now open your selected apps and enjoy them in Immersive Mode.

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