Forum Thread: SuperSU Not Working.

I am running CyanogenMod 12 on my Nexus 5. I installed SuperSu from Chainfire. However whenever I go to update the binaries the installation fails. I have done it countless times but it doesn't happen. Now I can't use Titanium Backup or a root enabled file explorer. So now what do I do?

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Have you tried using the "TWRP/CWM" button instead of the "Normal" button when it asks to update the binaries? That will attempt to flash the Superuser binaries in custom recovery for you, so maybe that will work.

I know CyanogenMod uses their own Superuser management app, and it has compatibility issues with some root apps (which is why SuperSU is generally recommended). I think you can disable the built-in CM Superuser app by going to Developer Options and setting the "Root access" entry to "Disabled." If Developer Options isn't present in your Settings menu, go to "About Phone," then tap the "Build Number" entry 7 times in rapid succession.

After you do that, reboot and try to run the SuperSU binary updater again. I'm thinking the CM Superuser app is causing conflicts with SuperSU.

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