Forum Thread: How to Make Your Nexus 5 Feel Like a One Plus One

Nobody can argue that the One Plus One is a great device. It is a great premium device for a low-end price. However, unlike the device which is great, the method One Plus One used for the sale of the device was not only terrible but also one of the most controversial sale methods of any mobile device in history.

One Plus decided to use a invite only system for people to buy the One Plus One. We all assumed that this would only be in place for a few weeks to cope with the high demand a product like this would have. However, several months after the launch party, the One Plus One is still invite only.

One Plus did run campaigns to give out invites, most notably the Smash The Past campaign where users had to smash up their current flagship device in order to win one of only 100 devices. Over 140,000 people entered which meant 139,900 people who had just lost their flagship for nothing. The other campaign was the Ladies First campaign where One Plus would give invites to the most attractive women that sent in pictures of themselves. This was not the most full-proof method, mainly because of the existence of Google Images. Long story short, the One Plus One is extremely rare.

But now you can get the One Plus One experience on your android device, whatever it may be. This is all thanks to guys at HighOnAndroid.


  • Rooted android device running CyanogenMod 11
  • Custom recovery

Step 1.

Download the High On Android One Plus One Conversion Kit.

Step 2.
Boot into recovery and flash the kit downloaded in step 1. There is no need to wipe anything, just flash the .zip file.

Step 3.
Reboot your device.

Step 4.
Go into settings/themes/theme packs and click the hexo option.

Step 5.
Click all the available check boxes and hit the install button. (I personally don't use the icon pack provided)

Enjoy your One Plus One themed device :)

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Does that mean all the data and everything will be intact? No format?

Hey how to i undo this?
My home button is not working after this

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