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This problem stated 14-15 hrs back... Tried different chargers and cords no difference. Also did wipe cache from recovery mode. Also the battery graph in settings in all messed up. Please help I can't not use my phone with kept on charging 247

Dropbox - 2014-10-02 05.15.41.png

Dropbox - 2014-10-02 05.15.41.png Battery graph settings

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my friend also facing same problem. Anyone having the solution please suggest..

Try formatting the entire phone remember to back up...
if its not a software issue then...
try using a wireless charger

factory reset myt be a solution. my friends phone have started working..
please confirm if working

apparently its a weird problem, tried using two different USB didnt work, then tried with a wired charged.. its worked properly... then after few days same problem came up, so switched off the phone and charged it for 5 mins and switched on the phone and it was charging properly...

but this happens after random time....

I have a Nexus 5, and it just isn't charging. I haven't reset it yet, but so far nothing has worked.

my nexus 5 has ran out of battery and I cant turne it back on...I cant give it a factory reset, and is not charging pleas help! sorry for spelling, I am not american

I was facing the same issue of battery not charging but once sorted my battery at mobile shop then charge without switch on . It is workable. Actually i used lucky patcher apk file to root my phone after rooting it was creating problem but not everything is going well

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