How To: Quickly Launch Your Favorite App from Any Screen on Your Nexus 5

Quickly Launch Your Favorite App from Any Screen on Your Nexus 5

Even though there are over 1.3 million apps available for Android, we normally confine ourselves to a select few for day-to-day usage. With an average of 41 apps installed per user, most apps on our smartphones lay idle for the majority of the time we spend using them. Instead, we find ourselves constantly coming back to that small set of apps that meet almost all of our needs.

The development team at HardySoftworks is aware that most of us have that one go-to app that we always find ourselves using. With that in mind, they created Quick Apps, a service that allows you to launch your favorite app with the tap of a button that is present on every screen, no matter what you're doing.

Step 1: Install Quick Apps

You don't need root or any special permissions to have quick access to your favorite app—just search "Quick Apps" on the Google Play Store to get the service installed. If you're having trouble finding the app amongst the results, head to this link and you'll be taken directly to the install page.

Step 2: Select Your Favorite App

Setting up Quick Apps could not be any easier. Just open the app, then tap the first menu entry to select your favorite app from the list.

You'll immediately see a floating button after you've launched Quick Apps for the first time. This button stays on top of any screen, and you can move it freely by dragging it around to keep it out of the way.

Step 3: Quick-Launch Your Favorite App

Any time you'd like to quickly launch your favorite app, just tap the floating button. An in-app purchase of $0.99 will allow you to set a second app that will launch when this button is double-tapped.

Simple and handy, isn't it? Which app did you assign to your Quick Apps bubble? Let us know in the comments section below.

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OK but instead of adding a button that appears on every page and needs to be moved out of the way on some screens maybe you could add that app to every screen and always place it somewhere that is not over the top of another button

You could, yes. This app, though, allows you to access your favorite apps while in another app.

There are also other ways to do that, but we liked this one.

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