How To: Disable the Redundant Google Now Swipe Gesture on Nexus Devices

Disable the Redundant Google Now Swipe Gesture on Nexus Devices

When on-screen buttons were introduced alongside Android 4.0, it didn't take long before Google added a gesture to these virtual navigation keys. Since then, an upward swipe originating from the home button has always been a shortcut to Google Now on Nexus devices.

But these days, the stock Google launcher dedicates an entire home screen to Google Now, and always-listening voice commands make the virtual assistant readily available, so the swipe gesture has become a bit redundant. And if you've ever accidentally triggered this gesture while scrolling through webpages, it can be downright irritating.

But a new app from developer Ulk makes disabling this gesture incredibly easy. So if you're not a fan of redundancy, stay tuned below for more info.

Step 1: Install Gesture Disabler for Nexus

Devaul's app is called Gesture Disabler for Nexus—search it by name from your Play Store app to get it installed, or use this link to head directly to the install page.

Step 2: Set Gesture Disabler as the Default App for This Gesture

With Gesture Disabler installed, you'll notice that it doesn't offer any interface or even an entry in your app drawer. This is because the app serves only as a handler of a system function—the Google Now swipe gesture.

To set the app as the default handler of this gesture, simply swipe up from your home button. When prompted, select "Gesture Disabler for Nexus," then tap "Always."

From now on, nothing will happen when you perform this gesture. If you're scrolling through a webpage or document and accidentally trigger it, you won't even be bumped out of the app you're using.

Did you disable the Google Now gesture because you're not a fan of redundancy, or did you give it the axe after it bumped you out of what you were doing accidentally? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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I am the developer of this application.
Thank you for this article, it is good to know that my application is useful :-)

Just a little thing: I don't have a Twitter account, and I don't know where you found "Ulric Devaul" but it isn't me, so can remove this link from your article if you want.

To prove that I am indeed the developer of this app, just e-mail me at "", the mail filled in the Play Store page ;-)

Have a nice year 2016!

Updated, and thanks for the great app.

Thank you for the correction =)

Now that Android 6 got rid of the swipe gesture (it's a long press now) for google now, I cannot use it anymore to turn the screen off. It is not customizable at all now. I really liked the swipe up for 'screen off', but now it is gone all together. The only way to do that now is with a launcher and a 'screen off' app. I kind of like the default launcher and would like the a quick way to turn the screen off. Any suggestions?

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