How To: Launch Apps Straight from the Status Bar on Your Nexus 5

Launch Apps Straight from the Status Bar on Your Nexus 5

Even with display sizes increasing by the year, smartphone screen real estate is still at a premium. We want the content we're viewing to take center stage, and this leaves little room for functionality beyond the focused app.

Sitting atop nearly all screens in the Android OS, the system status bar occupies the only space that isn't used for viewing or navigating content. While the functionality it offers is definitely needed, it could always do more.

That's why developer MythosXe created his latest Xposed module—to offer quick access to any app from almost any screen through a user-set gesture that is performed on the status bar. And it does all of this without sacrificing any existing functionality or screen space.


Step 1: Install Statusbar Gestures

The module that makes this all possible goes by the name of Statusbar Gestures. To get it installed, start by heading to the Download section of your Xposed Installer app and search for it by name. From there, tap the top result, then swipe over to the Versions tab and hit the Download button on the most recent entry.

This will automatically launch Android's installer interface, so tap Install on the next screen.

When that process is finished, you'll get a notification from Xposed that tells you the module isn't activated yet and a reboot is needed. Just tap the Activate and reboot button on this notification to knock out both of these requirements at once.

Step 2: Configure & Use Statusbar Gestures

When your phone has finished booting back up, go ahead and open the Statusbar Gestures app from your app drawer to do a bit of initial setup.

There are 5 different gesture types that the module allows you to perform on top of your status bar—Single Tap, Double Tap, Hold (long-press), Swipe Left, and Swipe Rights.

Below each of these entries is a drop-down menu. You'll find 3 options in here—No Action, Launch App, and Launch Shortcut.

The third has not yet been implemented, so if you'd like to launch an app through a particular gesture, select Launch App. After you've done that, a list of all your installed apps will pop up, so select your preferred app from here.

After that, simply repeat this process for any of the other gestures that you'd like to have launch an app. Changes take effect immediately, so you can begin using your status bar gestures right away.

The gestures are very responsive, with the exception of the swipe gestures, which take a while to get used to. But so far, I'm enjoying this new functionality. How about you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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