How To: Install Samsung's Exclusive Milk Music App on Any Android (No Root Needed)

Install Samsung's Exclusive Milk Music App on Any Android (No Root Needed)

Back in March, Samsung partnered with Slacker Radio to create a streaming service called Milk Music. For those of us who don't own a Galaxy device, this news was a non-starter, as it was exclusive to Samsung's flagship line of phones and tablets.

Since then, mods have made Milk Music available to rooted users, but developer Kostas Theos has an easier hack that will spread the love to all Android devices without any root permissions. So now, after installing a pair of simple APK files, anyone can enjoy the ad-free radio service.

Step 1: Download Both Installer Files

Theos modified the Milk Music installer file to ignore its usual device model check. However, in order to fully utilize the service, you'll need to be signed into a Samsung account. Since this is not a standard feature of non-Galaxy devices, you'll also need to install the Samsung Account Manager app.

To download both of these installer files, point your device's web browser to the following links:

Press OK on any file type warning messages that may appear, then allow both files to finish downloading before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Install Samsung Account Manager

Since these apps weren't downloaded from the Google Play Store, you'll need to enable installation from "Unknown sources" in your phone's main settings under the Security submenu before you begin.

With that out of the way, tap the "Download Complete" notification for the SamsungAccount.apk file. After that, review the app's permissions, then press "Install"—and when it's finished, simply tap "Done."

Step 3: Install Milk Music

Next up, tap the "Download Complete" notification for the MilkMusic.apk file. This will launch Android's installer interface again, so press "Install" on the next screen.

This time, when the app finishes installing, go ahead and press "Open."

Step 4: Create a Samsung Account

At this point, you can already start streaming some awesome songs with the Milk Music app, but to unlock its full potential, including synced playlists and songs with explicit lyrics, you'll have to create a Samsung account. From Milk's main screen, open the side navigation menu and select "Settings."

Next, tap "Sign In," then choose "Create new account." Fill out the form on the next page (making sure to enter your date of birth), then press "Create Account."

With that done, you'll now be able to stream any song that Milk Music has to offer—all without commercial interruption. How does Milk stack up against other streaming services like Pandora or SHOUTcast? Let us know in the comment section below, and make sure to follow us over on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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I like the music selections Milk chooses but lacks buffering that iheartradio and Pandora have.
For some reason Milk keeps cutting out while buffering.

So I only use it when connected to Wi-Fi.

My galaxy 5 won't install the Samsung account.apk. what should I do?

This is because you are using a Samsung device. You should be able to install Milk Music by itself.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 & I also can't get the Samsung Account pack to install.

Since you already have a Samsung device, you don't need the Samsung Account app. Try just installing Milk Music by itself.

It's still shows an error trying to connect with samsung account.. any ideas?

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 (the old version) so I already had a Samsung account but milk wouldn't log me in. I tried it again after installing the Samsung account from the link, but I'm still getting an error when I try to log in.

I followed the instructions on my LG G3, as well as some variations (e.g. log in to Samsung account, then install Milk), but I cannot get Milk to communicate with the account. I keep getting the message "Error connecting with Samsung Account. History, Favorites, and My Stations may not sync properly." and when trying to enable explicit content I get the message "Error: unable to get age".

When I look at the Samsung account settings it says "Sync is OFF", because there are no apps listed that would sync. What am I doing wrong?

OnePlus here. Having same problem. It eventually logs into account but I cannot change the "explicit" setting and when I try I get the 'Error connecting...' message.

So I went searching on XDA and found this version of Milk.APK

It cuts out all Samsung account syncing. The "explicit" setting is defaulted to "On" I don't know yet if it actually lets explicit songs through yet. Guess I'll set it to Rap and listen for a bit...XD

EDIT: Nope, explicit still isn't enabled. Snoop Dogg is all kinds of editted.

Hey! I'm getting the exact same problem! The milk music file downloaded perfect no problems but the samsung file has an error, when you resolve this issue could you repost and let me know ? As I don't know how to fix or who to contact for help ! Thanks so much in advance ((:

Make a guide on how backup all the files before updating to Lollipop and changing kernel!

I get a parsing error when I try to install the milk apk. The samsung account apk installed ok. I downloaded twice and got the same result. Is a noncorrupted modified milk apk available anywhere else?

I can't sign into nor set up a Samsung account. It just goes to a blank screen.

The Milk app won't work either. Before it can begin a pop-up appears that says, This version is no longer supported, get the new version from the Play store. This is v 1.0... and the one in the app store is v 1.5... Is there an update APK to download?

There's not an updated version of this port, but I'll keep an eye out for an alternative.

I'm good to go, just can't find a compatible update..

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